Terms and Conditions

Dear Valued Guest,

We at Jamaed Court have been providing self- catering accommodation in George for over 30 years. As a family business now in the second generation, we have endeavoured to operate with severe regard to honesty, integrity, and, to borrow from the Rotary Four- way Test, a sense of fairness to all concerned.

Due to the changing nature of our society we are now required to spell out very clearly to you all the terms and conditions regarding your stay with us. While we would rather keep our business friendly and informal, we are now required by law to provide to you specific information regarding your booking and stay with us before you confirm your booking (ie pay us a deposit). Our terms and conditions are in essence the same as we have operated under for decades, and where possible we will try to apply them in your favour (without us going bankrupt). We do, though, need to lay them before you very clearly.

The Consumer Protection Act affords you certain rights as a consumer (complete copy available here ). Some parts of this act will apply to your booking and staying with us, and we wish to acquaint you with these. Should you feel our information to be lacking or incomplete, or you have queries regarding our terms, or if anything is unclear, please contact us.

By paying a deposit to us, you declare that you have read and understand and agree to the terms and conditions and personal undertakings as stated below. Please read these before making any payments to us, as any payments may be non-refundable.

We trust that the ‘legal nitty- gritty’ does not dampen your travelling spirit, and sincerely hope that your stay with us will be a pleasant one.

Sincerely yours

Eduard Reppert
Jamaed Court

Jamaed Court is owned and operated by the Reppert Trust.


Deposits, Payments and cancellations

Bookings between 15 December and 15 January we may require the deposit to be paid up to 60 days in advance, depending on the number of other reservations; for all other reservations (booking within 30 days of arrival date) we require the deposit to be paid within 72 hours of making the reservations. Failing that, your reservation will be automatically cancelled.

Deposits may done via EFT, direct deposit or by credit card.  The balance may be paid in cash or by credit/debit card.  We are in the process of registering with Nightsbridge which will give guests the facility to pay online by credit card.

Your deposit is non-refundable for cancellations within 30 days of arrival date. Should you cancel more than 30 days before arrival you will be refunded your deposit, possibly less a small fee (bank or similar charges, if any).

For cancellations 15- 30 days before arrival date, we will offer accommodation at a later date (where possible) to the value of the deposit.

We do not charge to change your booking, and will, if possible, gladly do so.

Please settle your account on arrival.

Should you leave before the intended date, no monies will be refunded. We will, though, where possible, offer days at a later date.

Should we resell your booking in full or in part we will refund any monies received beyond the balance of your account.



Unfortunately no pets.

Flats are serviced Monday to Friday [Saturdays during December and January].  We don’t do dishes though.

Towels are not supplied for stays longer than 3 days as a matter of course.  We do have towels available should you need them, however.

Bedding is provided.



You accept that you and all members of your party understand that it is a condition of your stay at Jamaed Court Holiday Flats, that Jamaed Court, the Reppert B Trust, or employees or agents of the aforementioned  shall not be held responsible for any injury to or death of any person (unless caused by an act or omission) or the loss of or destruction of or damage to any of your property arising from your stay at Jamaed Court, except in the case of gross negligence.

You accept that any vehicles parked on the premises are entirely at own risk. Reppert B Trust, Jamaed Court, its employees or agents are in no way responsible for any loss from or damage to your vehicle/s. You declare that you will not leave valuables in you vehicle.

You accept that all members of your party are your responsibility  and all terms and conditions which apply to you as the person booking apply to them as well.


You hereby declare:

– that you have acquainted yourself with our accommodation and services offered, either by direct communication or online, that you have inquired about any special needs and/ or services you may require, and have found all to be suitable and adequate to your needs and requirements for your stay with us.

-that you will, upon arrival, read the ‘welcome’ letter, for further information regarding your stay at Jamaed Court,especially with regard to emergency procedures and phone numbers, including staff numbers.

-that you understand and accept that all members of your party are your responsibility, that you have informed them of the terms and conditions and any further relevant information regarding your and their stay, and that by their arrival and occupancy they accept the terms and conditions as well.

– that you have read and understand the above terms and conditions, and that by paying any monies to us you accept the above terms and conditions as binding.